I love families! It's so much fun to pull all the different personalities together and see them all come alive in front of my camera. The dynamic is never the same, and the images are always a real representation of who they are together.


    Now if I love families...I REALLY love seniors. It is insanely fun to see how just an ordinary high school kid can blossom into a model right in front of my camera. I consider it a personal challenge (and completely necessary) to take the time to figure out what makes each of them tick so that their images are all about THEM.


    NO!!! This is not any couples' boudoir stuff :) I simply believe that even if you're already married...it's SO important to get photos done together throughout your marriage. I definitely have a knack for putting people at ease. So the session is like an incredible date for you where you are able to have fun, flirt with each other and get some amazing photos in the process!


    I'm a huge believer in the truth that life is messy. It's beautiful, but messy. That is exactly how I love my photos! My absolute favorite images are the ones caught in the messy moment. The toddler pulling mom's hair, mom yelling "owww", and dad laughing hysterically. Those messy moments are real. They are the ones we can look back on in 20 years with warmth in our hearts.

    So my style is very easy going. I do my very best job at connecting with my clients and helping them to connect with each other in the way that is most natural to them.

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